Ariane Inden makeup is very beautiful and the collection is extensive. It contains the perfect colours and textures. Discover the makeup by Ariane Inden which accentuates your skin in a marvellous way. A natural way.

- Extensive makeup lines
Wide range
For the most light to dark skin
Latest technologies
Progressive and precursor trends
Perfume free and hypoallergenic

Makeup Brushes
An extended collection of brushes made of high quality synthetic fibres that apply the makeup even better than brushes made of animal hairs. (Ariane Inden does not use materials made out of animals). Ariane Inden is one of the first who puts this innovative development on the market. The big advantage of this development is that the brushes don't loose their hairs while using, not even after long term usage. So you will no longer have loose hairs on your face! The brushes apply the makeup perfectly on the face. The makeup will keep its quality and tenability when using Ariane Inden makeup brushes.

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Makeup workshop
Discover the world of makeup during a makeup workshop at the Ariane Inden Beauty Store. You will learn a lot. Interesting makeup techniques and how you can apply makeup the best way to create a look that will enhance your natural best features and make you feel beautiful and confident. Varying in theory and practice. Helped by an experienced makeup artist.

- Makeup workshop: $70.00 (60 minutes)

Bridal Makeup
Beautiful bridal makeup on your special day! 

- Bridal makeup, including trial (in store): $150.00
- Bridal makeup, including trial (onsite):   $250.00

Please contact us to ask about the possibilities and availabilities. 

Makeup for special occasions
We will use our extensive makeup lines that are best suited for you, your skin tone, eyes and occasion.

- Makeup special occasions: $69.00

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