A super soft hypoallergenic eye makeup lotion containing vitamin B5. This lotion gently removes eye makeup from sensitive skin around the eyes.

Based on provitamin B5 that regenerates the skin around the eyes and strengthens eyelashes. Reduces premature lines and wrinkles.

Removes eye makeup and also most waterproof mascaras, contains no oil, regenerates skin around the eyes, strengthens eyelashes, caring and anti-ageing.

Also suitable when wearing contacts.

Use this product once a day in the evening.

How to use:
Add a little Vitamin Based Eye Make-up Remover on a cotton pad and make gentle movements from under the eyelashes up and from the outer to the inner side. Use a new cotton pad for each eye.

Available in a 150 ml and 250 ml flask. Unperfumed without coloring agents.

Active ingredients:
Glycerin (gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance, helps the skin attract and retain moisture, keeps the skin supple), Panthenol (provitamin B5: to moisture the skin, to improve hydration and skin elasticity).

Vitamin Based Eye Make-up Remover Anti Ageing

  • Content: flask 250ml Unperfumed without coloring agents
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