This refreshing lotion removes the cleansings last leftovers, adstringates and disinfects the skin and is the ideal preparation for your daily skincare. Available both perfumed and unperfumed without colouring agents. disinfects, exfoliates (removes dead skin cells), closes the pores, fresh because of the menthol. Use the product twice a day both in the morning and in the evening.

By using Re-activating Clarifying Lotion the skins absorbs the creams even better. Apply the lotion on your face with a cotton-pad. The skin is calmed and feels fresh and clean. Pores close. Re-activating Clarifying Lotion works exfoliating and removes dead skin cells. This makes the cotton pad always look coloured (dead skin cells), even if the skin is previously cleaned with Ariane Inden Extra Mild Massage Cleanser.

Don't use Re-activating Clarifying Lotion on the skin between the eyebrows and the eyes. First wet the cotton pad with water, then squeeze it, sprinkle some lotion on it and apply it on the face when the skin is very sensitive. Ariane Inden Re-activating Clarifying Lotion has a perceptible function on the skin. Camphor and menthol have a refreshing and cleansing function.

The upper part of the pump can be replaced by a spray. In this way the pump or the spray can be used. alternately. Especially during warmer days or after sports spraying Re-activating Clarifying lotion gives a deliciously refreshing effect on the face and décolleté.

Re-activating Clarifying Lotion is lightly perfumed with Ariane Inden Basic. This lotion also is available unperfumed and without colouring agents for the sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

Available in:
150ml and 250ml bottle.

Active ingredients:
Vitamin B5, Vegetable hyaluronic acid, Hydrolipiden, Camphor, Menthol

Re-activating Clarifying Lotion

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