Extremely Soft Balancing Lotion immediately regulates your skin’s moisture content after cleansing. As it removes any residue and contains extremely intensive moisture regulators to improve moisture content. Extremely Soft Balancing Lotion is the ideal preparation to care and, combined with the well-balanced ingredient complexes of the Ariane Inden skincare products, provides a double moisture regulating effect. Available both perfumed and unperfumed without colouring agents.

Hydrating, calms the skin, soft and fresh, immediate effect, anti-ageing

Use this product twice a day, both in the morning as in de evening.

Apply the lotion to your face using a cotton pad. Skin is soothed and feels fresh and clean. Ariane Inden Extremely Soft Balancing Lotion has a distinctively noticeable moisture regulating effect on the skin and a soothing and moisture regulating effect around the eyes. Drench two pads in lotion and put them on the eyes for about 5 minutes as a relaxing eye compress; ideal for weary eyes. Use preferably the unperfumed variant for this purpose. This mild lotion is suitable for every skin type and particularly recommended for sensitive and dry skin (both moisture and oil). Free of alcohol.

The upper part of the pump can be replaced by a spray to allow for alternate use of a pump or spray. Spraying Extremely Soft Balancing Lotion on the face or in the cleavage has a wonderfully refreshing effect on hot days or after exercising.

Extremely Soft Balancing Lotion is lightly perfumed with Ariane Inden Women Basic and is also available unperfumed and without colouring agents for sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

Available in a 150 ml and 250 ml flask.

Active ingredients:
Glycerin (moisturizing, smoothing and protecting the skin), Saccharide Isomerate (moisturizer), Pro vitamine B5, Locust Bean Gum (alternative for hyaluronic acid), Bisabolol (reduces flaking and restores suppleness).

Extremely Soft Balancing Lotion Anti Ageing

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