For fast and intensive additional cleansing. The scrub parts in this product are finely structured and perfectly round, so damage to the skin is prevented and it feels extremely mild. Available both perfumed and unperfumed without colouring agents.

Removes dead skin cells, the jojoba cares and soothes the skin, anti-ageing . Use this product twice a day both in the morning and in the evening.

Rub the soft scrub cream into a dampened skin using circling motions until the round jojoba scrub parts have dissolved. Dead skin cells and dirt are removed, and the jojoba oil is released to care for the skin. Rinse using tepid water. As a result of special moisture-regulating substances and vitamins, the skin is nurtured with additional moisture, leaving it soft, supple and young. The skin is renewed quicker, ensuring a young and healthy look.

Scrub two or three times a week, depending on your skin's condition. This product is also suitable for extremely sensitive and thin skin.

Hydrating Gentle Face Scrub is lightly perfumed with Ariane Inden Women Basic and is also available unperfumed and without colouring agents for sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

Available in a 75 ml dispenser.

Active ingredients:
Bees wax, Vitamin E, Vitamin F, Calendula, Fine jojoba-wax scrub-parts.

Hydrating Gentle Face Scrub

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