A special gel that tightens the skin. The non-surgical face lift.

Makes the skin tight, lifts the skin immediately. For a smooth skin. And also the perfect base for make-up.

Your skin will become perceptible tight and smooth for 8 hours. You can use the Instant Face Lifting Gel for face, neck, cleavage and areas around your eyes.

How to use:
Use this product once a day in the morning or before going out.

To intensify the result, apply two layers on each other. Use the gel on a dry and clean skin.

Instant Face Lifting Gel is also the perfect base for makeup. The makeup will last longer and better. You can apply day care on the gel when your skin is poor of lipids, this will not change the effect. The gel is refreshing. Use Instant Face Lifting Gel every morning and at special occasions in the evening to make your skin look fresh, smooth and tight. A wonderful product! The gel is also available for men.

Instant Face Lifting Gel is lightly perfumed with Ariane Inden Basic.

Active ingredients:
Vitamin A + E (anti-oxidant, boosts collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots), Polysaccharides (for the skin's natural ability to hydrate and retain water, also critical for skin repair and skin renewal) Casein Hydrolysate (skin tightener)

Instant Anti Wrinkle Face Lifting Gel

  • Content: dispenser 75 ml Perfumed
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